Deep Space Destructors


Øresund Space Collective- Live in Berlin 2CD

Øresund Space Collective- Kybalion


First Band From Outer Space- We’re only in it for the Space Rock

500 vinyl, three colours

Side A

1. Begin to float 8:37

2. Sannraijz 11:45

3. Sometimes going too far is the only way to go 1:37 (shorter than original)

Side B:

1. Sannraijz II 4:42

2. We're only in it for the Space Rock 18:27

Side C:

1. Make yourself heard for the sake of the World 10:35

2. You will be freed (Unreleased Studio track) 4:18

Side D

  1. 1.Space Documents (Unreleased Jam)

Øresund Space Collective- Chatoyant Breath


Side A

Peaceful Patterns 20:43

Side B

Angular Ambrosia 18:05

Side C

Turbulent Trepidation 23:21

Side D

Chatoyant Breath 21:50

500 copies in a gatefold sleeve on 3 colours of vinyl

2CD 4 panel fold out sleeve

Released May 2018
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Dr Space’s Alien Planet Trip Vol 2- Gloomy Horizon


400 copies with special 3D like laquer sleeve

Side A

Boogie with Fidel (Daniel) 8:41

A New Beginning (Stefan) 10:00

Side B

The Dark Room becomes Blue 6:42

Alien Talk- Improv 5 7:15

Lost in the Cave 6:55
Released May 2018

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On Trial- Seventy kilometers of Underwater Nothingness, Kaptain!


LP + 7”

500 copies on three colours of vinyl

174x Black- 190x purple - 146x blue

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3rd Ear Experience- Stoned Gold 2LP/CD/book

December 2017

Side A:

Infinite unmanifest (16:51)

Side B:

The Drone (12:01)

No Walls, No Wars (7:14)

Side C:

Stoned Gold (7:58)

Iceberg Dreams (12:16)

Side D:

I Am Not Robot (13:21)

Where You Roam (7:07)

198x black - 300x Blue (Side A/B) & orange (Side C/D)

2LP plus deluxe CD with book called The Art of the Jam by Robbi. Order Here!

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Øresund Space Collective- Inside your Head 2LP

Release Date: Oct 18th, 2017

500 copies in a double LP gatefold

Side A 22:27

Substantia Nigra 10:23

Optic Chiasm 12:04

Side B 17:11


Side C23:01

Aqueduct of Sylvius

Locus Coeruleus (unreleased)

Side D  20:45


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Øresund Space Collective- Hallucinations inside the Oracle


Release Date: Oct 11th, 2017
500 copies in a double LP gatefold with 4 inserts.

500 Copies in multipanel CD digipack CD

Side A
Reflections in your Mind
Side B
ESP (Extreme Spatial Perspective)
Side C

The ORacle Pt1

Side D

The Oracle Pt. 2

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The Sonic Shamen- Tribute to Lemmy 2LP


500 copies in a gatefold sleeve in black or Pink vinyl. Bonus CD included with album.

170 copies black vinyl

310 copies on Pink-Red vinyl   

Side A

7 or 7 or Not

Side B

Sam’s Gopal

Freaky R&R

Side C

Ravi in Space

Side D

Stoned Dead your Cleaver

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Sumo Sun- Stamina LP + 7”


300 copies in a gatefold sleeve in 2 different colours of vinyl

170 black

130 silver

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Deep Space Destructors- Psychedelogy LP


500 copies in a gatefold sleeve in 3 different colours of vinyl

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Side Space (Side A)
Journey To The Space Mountain 00:00 – 07:55 Spacemind 07:57 – 18:34

Side Void (Side B)
Return To The Black Star 00:00 – 07:05 From The Ashes 07:06 – 19:41

Dr Space’s Alien Planet Trip Vol 1


300 copies in a gatefold sleeve in 3 different colours of vinyl with a A3 poster. 1st press.

First 50 copies with autographed poster.

Side A

Five Dimensions of the Universe

Side B

Rising sun over Mars

In Search of Life on IO

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3rd Ear Experience- Stones of a Feather


500 copies in a gatefold sleeve in 3 different colours of vinyl

Release Date: Feb 2017

Side A

1. Flight Of The Annunaki (10:07)

  1. 2.Old Woman's Dance (8:06)
    Side B

3. Return Of The Peacock (9:55)

4. Chungo (9:16)

Side C
5. Balladeer's Tale (16:02)

6. Everlasting Sea (4:53)

Side D

7. Space Tripping (Live) (19:59) Vinyl bonus track

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ØSC- Give your Brain A rest from the Matrix 2LP
SRP 039
Release date: November 2016
500 copies in a gatefold sleeve with a A3 poster

Side A

Give your brain a rest from the Matrix

Side B

Mainstream is the new Acid
Step into the other World

Side C

Cerebral massage Pt 1

Side D

Cerebral massage Pt 2
Jam 12 (unreleased)

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Øresund Space Collective- Visions of ....


500 Copies on double gatefold vinyl or CD.

Side A

Visions of ... Pt 1

Side B

Visions of ... Pt 2

Side C

Above the Corner

Side D

Piece of Seven

Around the Corner

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Sista Maj- Series of Nested Universes 2CD
SRP 037

Release Date: December 2016

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Organic Earthly Floatation (SRP036)
Re-Release Date: May 2016

West Space and Love- II (SRP035)
Release Date: July 1st. 2016

600 copies- 100 clear, 200 white, 300 black
500 copies on CD

Dark Sun- Feed your Mind 2LP (SRP034)

Release Date: May 2016
500 copies in a gatefold sleeve

Side A:

1. Tiny the Man 9:16

2. Feed Your Mind 4:48

3. Black Spires 4:19


Side B:

1. Our Man Inside 5:52

2. Astral Magic 6:30

3. Phantastica 1:24


Side C:

1. Abduction Files 11:05

2. The Next Step 10:32


Side D (bonus tracks):

1. Time-Space Continuum 9:07 (from Metazoon)

2. The Epic World of Captain Gizmo 4:30 (from Copenhagen Space Rock Festival 2002)

  1. 3.Electrified feat. Nik Turner 6:15 (from Copenhagen Space Rock Festival 2002)

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Øreund Space Collective- Ode to a Black Hole LP/CD (SRP033)

Release Date: May 2016
500 copies in a gatefold sleeve

Side A- Ode to a Black Hole Part 1
Side B- Ode to a Black Hole Part 2

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Øresund Space Collective- Out into Space 3CD (SRP 032)

Release Date: October 2015

500 copies in a 4 panel triple CD format with 8 page booklet. 3hrs 25min of music!

Order the CD Here.  (Germany)

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Tuliterä- Tulikaste 2LP (SRP031)

Release Date: October 2015

170 copies on black and 160 on coloured vinyl

Side A
1. Percolator 04:56

2. Alpha Blade 07:21

3. Jagat 04:06

Side B

4. Firedew 08:04

5. Cetus 02:41

6. Voidborn 08:49

Side C

7. Star Rodeo 04:18

8. All-Seeing Delirium 14:11

Side D

9. Menticide 06:09

  1. 10.extra track

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Øresund Space Collective- Different Creatures 3LP/CD (SRP030)

Release Date: November 15th, 2015

500 copies on black and 3 different colours vinyl

Side A

Ride to Valhalla
Juggle the Juice

Side B

Digestive Raga

Side C

The Man from Wales

Bon Voyage

Side D

Raga for Jerry G

Side E

20 steps towards the invisible Door Pt1

Side F

20 steps towards the invisible Door Pt2

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Black Moon Circle- The Studio Jams Vol 1- Yellow Nebula in the Sky (SRP029)

Release Date: August 2015

333 copies on black and coloured vinyl

Side A

Closed Loop Circuit
Sea of Vapours

Side B

Yellow Nebula in the Sky

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Deep Space Destructors- Spring Break From Space 10” (SRP028)

110 on black vinyl, 160 on yellow splatter

A- Journey to the Space Mountain

B- Where space ends, time Begins

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Gas Giant- Pleasant Journey in Heavy Tunes (SRP027)

Release Date: June 2015

520 copies (210 on black vinyl / 205 on transparent blue w/ solid green speckles / 105 on transparent green w/ black speckles)

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or here.

Side A

Too Stoned 6:11

Sit Down 3:56

Down the Highway 4:15

All Creatures 6:53

Super Sun Trigger 3:24

Side B

Desert Call 3:46

Freak Sensation 6:23

Storm of my Enemies 8:32

Holy Walker 5:21

Oresund Space Collective- The Black Tomato (SRP026)

Release Date: June 2015

520 Copies (210 on black vinyl / 310 on transparent red w/ black speckles)

Side A

Rumble P1

Side B

Rumble P2

Side C

The Black Tomato P1

Side D

The Black Tomato P2

Viking Cleaner (Full Length version)

Pre-order here or at the bandcamp site:

Carlton Melton meets Dr Space- Live at Roadburn Festival 2014 (SRP 025/LBR007)

Release Date: April 2015

292 copies (192 on black vinyl and 100 on clear vinyl with grey & white & black splatters)

Side A

Country Ways>Spider Webs 25:00

Side B  (24:29)

Bloody Mary Jane 14:24

Footprints 10:05


Side C (21:14)

Flags 9:41

Out to Sea 11:33 

Side D (24:27)

When you're In 11:58

Time we left this World Today 12:29


Øresund Space Collective- Live at Loppen DVD (SRP024)

Release Date: Feb 2015

200 copies only on DVD-R

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Øresund Space Collective-- Music for Pogonologists 2LP/2CD (SRP022/23)

Double CD has material not on the LP version.

CD Release Date: November 2014

Beardlandia 11:30
Ziggurat of the Beards 14:11 (CD only)
The Trichophantic Spire 5:58 (CD only)
Bearded Brothers 17:36 (CD only)
Remnants of the Barbonaeum 26:00
Music for Pogonologists (Darxtar) 34:53 (full vers.,CD only)

Barboconsciousness 24:07
Portal of Pogonic Progress 12:21 (CD only)

Vinyl Release Date: Jan 2015

200 black, 200 coloured, 100 coloured

VINYL  comes with poster

SideA:  Beardlandia11:30
Bartischlag 9:19 (only vinyl & digital download) SideB:  Remnants of theBarbonaeum26:00
SideC:  Music for Pogonologists22:34(edit)
Side D:  Barboconsciousness 24:07


3rd Ear Experience- Incredible Good Fortune 2LP (SRP021)

Release Date: December 2014

110 black, 220 coloured vinyl

Side 1-Tools 19:34

Side 2- One 18:09

Side 3-Parsley 17:33

Side 4-White Bee 8:12

           Shaman's Dream11:31 


Damo Suzuki meets OSC 3LP (SRP020)

Release Date: May 2014

100 on green, purple and blue vinyl, 400 black vinyl


Track Listing:

Damo’s Første ØSC Flyvtur
Energisk Reaktion
Jeg kan ikke vokse op
Dit Glimtende Øje
Datid, Nutid, og Fremtid

Black Moon Circle- Plains EP (SRP019)

Release Date: Feb 2014
100 on orange vinyl, 200 on black vinyl



Track Listing:

American Eagle
Enigmatic Superbandit

Øresund Space Collective- Its all about Delay 4LP box (SRP018)

Release Date: October 2014

525 copies in a 4LP box set

100 marbled, orange and black vinyl


Track Listing:


Cirkus Yoda 1

Cirkus Yoda 2

Nebula 4747

Isle of Mogens
Shaved Cortex
Pink jumps in the Ring
In her majesty’s secret saucer(new mix)
Jupiter Flyby (In Memory of Doug Walker)
Alien Strip Club
Chris Ice Sack
The Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project(full version)


Øresund Space Collective- Organic Earthly Flotation (SRP017)

Release Date: Nov 2013
500 copies (100 blue, 400 black)

Track Listing:
Walking on Clouds Pt1
Walking on Clouds Pt2
Carlos on the Moon
Neptune Rising

Mantric Muse- Mantric Muse 2LP (SRP016/Adansonia001)

Release Date: Nov 2013
277 copies on black, blue and swirl vinyl (27)

Track Listing:
Side A: Nanoid (7:27) / Sindbad Sofareren (7:51)  
Side B: Cinope (7:41) / Azur (7:23)
Side C: Sfunx (10:26) / Gnoxience (4:34)
Side D: Deep Sea Cheops (10:19)

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Øresund Space Collective- Live at Kildemose Festival 2LP (SRP015/Sapphire Records 001)

Release Date: August 2013
300 copies


Track Listing:
430 AM (2008)
The Sun Rises, the band Flies! (2008)
Kildemose Jam 2009  (2009)
Finding the path to Enlightenment (2009)
For the Joint Smokers (2010)

Øresund Space Collective- Hamburg Concerts CD-R (SRP014)

Release Date: May 2013
200 Copies (SOLD OUT)

Track Listing:

Viking Stew Catastrophe
The Church goes to Space
Monster Jam (excerpt)
The River flows through Me

Phased- Best of... 2LP (SRP013)

Release Date:

300 copies on blood red vinyl

Alien Think Tank
Continuously Well
Woke Up This Morning And Gave Myself Head
His Sordid Past
Worship The Sun
Nihil Slayride
A Surreal Deal
The Osteopath
Tip Of The Sky
Nachspiel In Oslo (Part I & II)

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Øresund Space Collective- Entering into the Space Country/Phaze your Fears 2CD (SRP011/12)

Release Date: March 2012
500 Copies

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Born between Stars
Rising Tides and Floating Nebulas

Red Earth Calling

Phaze your Fears
Ear Meat

The Univerzals- The Lost Innerspace Gypsies 2LP (SRP010)

Release Date: December 2012
500 copies double vinyl with insert

Track Listing:

E 55

Tell Me About It

Jealoux And Envious


Deal With The Past

In The Middle Of Nowhere


The Same Difference

No Only Way


Øresund Space Collective- S/T 2LP (SRP008/SER013)

Release Date: January, 2013
300 copies- 100 blue, 200 black vinyl (SOLD OUT)

Track Listing:
Faked it all the Way
Consumed by the Goblin
Falling Stardrops explode into Space (previously unreleased version)
OSC Bolero
Grab a Cab
Space Burst Cinema (previously unreleased)


Troldmand- Live at Loppen (SRP009)

Release Date: May 2012
200 copies- digipack CD-R

Track Listing:

Et Samfund under Jorden

De borende X


Rockford, Illinois

Øresund Space Collective – Give Your Brain A Rest From The Matrix  (SRP007)

Release Date: June 2012
500 copies CD-R digipack



Track Listing:

Give your brain a rest from the Matrix
Mainstream is the new Acid
Step into the other World
Cerebral Massage

Øresund Space Collective – Phaze Your Fears LP (SRP006)
Release Date: April 2012
500 copies vinyl (SOLD OUT)
Buy some of the last copies here..

Track Listing:

Phaze your Fears
Ear Meat

West, Space and Love LP (SRP005)

Space Rock Productions 005
Release Date: March 2012
First pressing 200 copies vinyl (approx 120 with hand made artwork, all numbered)

Release Date: July 2012
2nd Pressing 500 copies


Track Listing:

High Rise
Kafi (For my Love)
Spirit Blues

Sitars in Space

Øresund Space Collective – Sleeping With The Sunworm CD (SRP004)

Release Date: June 2011
Digpack 500 copies


Track Listing: 

Sleeping with the Sunworm P1
Sleeping with the Sunworm P2
Sleeping with the Sunworm P3

Øresund Space Collective – Live At Roadburn 2010 2LP (SRP003)

Release Date: April 2011
500 copies



Track Listing:

Roadburn Jam
Band Introductions

Reintroduce the snakes to Ireland
Volcanoes and Ash
Global Freakout in Tilburg

Øresund Space Collective- Dead Man In Space (SRP002)

Release Date: Feb 2011

1000 copies

Track Listing:

High Pilots
Who tripped on the c(h)ord?
Space Jazz Jam 2.2
Dead man in Space

The Univerzals- Oceans of Light (SRP001)

Release Date: May 2009

1000 copies on digipack CD

Track Listing:


7th Galaxy

Princess Of Angels

Message From Eternity

Through The Valley Of Fears

Spiritual Revolution!

Glass Skyscraper

Morning Star

Under The Waves

Ocean Of Light

East Of The Sun!

Beyond The Tip Of Your Nose