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TANGLE EDGE - Cispirius


Release date: 26th November 2021



ltd. edt. 305 copies total

- 200x orange transparent

- 105x orange transparent (side A/B)

           green transparent (side C/D)

180g - gatefold - hand numbered

Side 1:

1. Cañcalam  (16:57)

2. Beyond The Hills Of Inhibition Part I  (5:21)

Side 2:

3. Beyond The Hills Of Inhibition Part II  (20:20)

Side 3:

4. Beyond The Hills Of Inhibition Part III  (23:26)

Side 4:

5. Beyond The Hills Of Inhibition Part IV  (13:38)

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This new double-album by legendary Norwegian progressive rock outfit Tangle Edge, titled ‘Cispirius’, contains studio

recordings from the last half of the 1990s.

Some of it has never been released before, while some has been re-mixed and is released here for the very first time on

vinyl !

The key track is the full length 58min journey entitled ‘Beyond The Hills Of Inhibition’, which first appeared on the

Entangled Scorpio Entrance’ live album 1992. Some might argue that the gem of all gems here, is the seventeen minute

long studio version of ”Cancalam”, one of the band`s most well received stage-numbers throughout the 90s, a recording

from the band`s uncompleted 1999-album.


Hasse Horrigmoe - bass, mini-moog, percussion

Ronald Nygård - guitars, mini-moog, percussion

Kjell Oluf Johansen - drums, percussion

All tracks composed by Nygård, Horrigmoe and Johansen

Produced by Ronald Nygård & Hasse Horrigmoe

Cover art by Ronald Nygård

Band photo by Grethe Einarsen


3RD EAR EXPERIENCE - Danny Frankel's 3rd Ear Experience


Release date: 22nd October 2021



ltd. edt. 300 copies - digisleeve

1. A Beautiful Question  (6:00)

2. What Are Their Names*  (18:18)
    (*written by David Crosby)

3. Cosmos Glazed Elephant  (4:16)

4. Weep No More, My Friend  (14:48)

5. Timelessness Speaks PT1  (8:19)

6. Timelessness Speaks PT2  (12:03)

order here: Hamburg-Germany

The California desert based psychedelic rock band 3rd Ear Experience will release their 9th album on Oct 1st, the 5th on

Space Rock Productions.

It features the legendary drummer Danny Frankel (Lou Reed, John Cale, Nels Cline, Laurie Anderson, Marianne Faithful,

Beck, a.o.) fame and Becca Byram (Blondie, Keith Richards, The Dead Presidents, Toots and the Maytals, and Moby).

The CD features 6 tracks, all improvised jams recorded in the studio in the desert, ranging from floating psychedelic

soundscapes like ‘Cosmos Glazed Elephant’ to hard rockin’ numbers like ‘What Are Their Names’ (it is a call for peace,

written by David Crosby)

and ‘Weep No More, My Friend’ (the title of a song that Robb penned the lyrics for and Neal Casal wrote, sang and

released it on an album called “Rain, Wind and Speed”. A shorter version of this song appears on the compilation album:

Highway Butterfly: The Songs of Neal Casal.)

‘Timelessness Speaks’ is Indian inspired as the band had done before.

All songs are instrumental, except track 2.

The album is a great diverse psychedelic rock experience. Totally 3rd Ear Experience but with fresh new faces !!


Robbi Robb - guitars, vox

Amritakripa - synths, vox

Danny Frankel - drums, percussion

Jorge Carrillo - bass guitar

Scott Heller (aka Dr Space) - spacey synths

Trevor Madison - keys, vox

Becca Byram - B3 organ

Ted Quinn – lead vox

Troy Page - didgeridoo


ASTRAL MAGIC - Visions Of Infinity


Release date: 6th May 2021



ltd. edt. 250 copies on marbled vinyl

180g - hand numbered - download code

Side A:

1. Chrononaut

2. Visions Of Infinity

3. Ancient Mysteries

4. Rocking With The Aliens

5. Onboard The Spacecraft

Side B:

6. I Was Abducted

7. Creatures From Beyond

8. Winds Of Time

9. Wizards

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ltd. edt. 150 copies - digisleeve - hand numbered

1. Chrononaut

2. Visions Of Infinity

3. Ancient Mysteries

4. Rocking With The Aliens

5. Onboard The Spacecraft

6. I Was Abducted

7. Creatures From Beyond

8. Winds Of Time

9. Wizards

order in Hamburg-Germany

ASTRAL MAGIC is a new Finnish Space Rock project lead by Santtu Laakso (Dark Sun).

This album is highly inspired by ‘Hawkwind’ and the ‘Spirits Burning Project’.

All music, instruments, vocals and lyrics by Santtu Laakso.

+ Guest Musicans:

Guitar by Martin Weaver (ex-Dark and Wicked Lady) on all tracks except ‘Ancient Mysteries’, ‘Onboard the Spaceship’,

‘Creatures from Beyond’

Ukulele by Samuli Sailo on ‘Winds of Time’

Additional synths by Scott Heller on ‘Winds of Time’

Final mix and mastering by Scott Heller

Cover art by David Graham; original logo drawing by Pate Vuorio.

Santtu aka DJ Astro:

“When the Covid-19 pandemonia hit big time I, among other people, was forced to stay mostly indoors in a lockdown.

I realised that I had to do something creative to stay sane. It had been almost 13 years since I last was active making

music with my old band "Dark Sun", although I had joined in a couple of bands (UFO-tutkimuksia and Octopus Syng) last

year. I now decided that it was time to buy some new equipment and get into home-recording. Songs just started to pour

out of me like they were sent from another sphere. One finished song per day was very common. Most songs have been

pretty much written and recorded on the spot. Writing the lyrics was a bit harder so at first I used some of mine from the

Dark Sun days about 25 years ago…

I just had one problem: I didn’t have an electric guitar and ran out of money to get one. I also noticed that my own

pre-mixes were not good enough to be put out. Luckily my good old friend Scott Heller offered to mix some of my tracks

and he also had a solution for the guitar parts. His Doctors of Space colleague Martin Weaver would be interested to play

some guitar tracks to my songs. Wow! The stars were apparently aligned.

I want to thank these fine gentlemen from the bottom of my heart for making this album come true.

Thanks also to Don Falcone (Spirits Burning) for his constructive comments on my material, Sabine Pottien, Timo Peltola

and other friends who have supported me.

These nine tracks on Visions Of Infinity are the first ones to be finished ...."

‘Winds of Time’ dedicated to the memory of Sylvi Maria Laakso (23.12.1923 – 1.6.2020)


DR SPACE - Lost In The Time Space Continuum


Release date: 6th May 2021



ltd. edt. 100 copies - digisleeve - hand numbered

1. Galaxy 294846

2. Lost In The Space Time Continuum

3. Wurm

4. Song For Walter

5. Shane's Aura

6. Rah Jah

7. Xplotation

order in Hamburg-Germany

or in  Portugal

We are pleased to announce another DR SPACE release on our Label: “Lost In The Time Space Continuum”.

The tracks ‘Galaxy 294846’ & ‘Lost In The Space Time Continuum’ are quite spacey while ‘Wurm’ and ‘Xplotation’ are more

experimental in nature.

Dr Space - various synthesizers, vocal (on ‘Rah Jah’), Mixing and Mastering.

Recorded live with occasional overdub at Estúdio Paraíso Nas Nuvens, Portugal 2020.

Artwork by David Graham

Dr Space (known from Øresund Space Collective / Black Moon Circle / Doctors Of Space...) says:

“The lockdown gave me an excuse to play music every day. The tracks on this album “lost in the space time

continuum” are the tracks that I produced mostly in March and April 2020, including one dedicated to Walter

(Roadburn) and another to a friend in California, Shane, who has been going through some rough times.

Hasse Horrigmoe (Tangle Edge, ØSC, ...) provided aural advice that was critical to the success of these track. Tusind Tak.

The music is often not so complex but generated to create emotion.

This album is dedicated to Magnus Hannibal, who first encouraged me to play music. He was a great friend.”